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Apetito Co.

Premium quality and marketable products is the benchmark of Apetito Co. LLC.


Apetito Co.’s Texican Products are a distinctive blend.

They are Texas and Mexico in a culinary genre called “Texican Cuisine,”

is our warranty of service.

Angelica and Gil Apetito Co. was started with very unassuming beginning.  Gilbert Garcia, founder and owner, transitioning into a self-made Co-Packer Manufacturer put an undocumented family traditional recipe to a written formula producing his family’s tradition formalizing it.  Its taste is unlike any other barbeque sauce that is a unique non-sweet sauce, Low in Fat, Sodium, and Sugar and has No Preservatives, Additives, and Fillers.



Garcia Boys . JPEGGilbert’s father, Rudy W. Garcia, passed the tradition of barbequing with an unwritten recipe he called Barbacoa Sauce to him.  Rudy received it from his father, as did his grandfather’s father received this family tradition.  The Garcia tradition has been a recipe for both gatherings of family and friends.  Gilbert is marked as the 4th generation and will pass it to his daughter breaking to family transition.

DaddysPic-217x300       Dedication:

“The Recipe, The Man”

Rudy W. Garcia, my Daddy!

Rudy W. Garcia was a man in touch with family and nature!  He cooked with love and a passion to feed family and friends.  Rudy savored those moments watching everybody enjoy his cooking that came out of love.

Through the years my Daddy developed a blend of spices to flavor a sauce to perfection.  His “Barbacoa Sauce” fed thousands of people.


His Barbacoa Sauce marinated many different kinds of meat.  My Daddy told me it was the sauce that people enjoyed, “otherwise it’s just a piece of meat that is charcoaled.” The sauce gives meat flavor.  The coined phrase, “the secret is in the sauce,” was truly his featured gift to all who enjoyed his barbeques…. It takes a lot of love for a man to stand in front of his grill and barbeque a perfect meal that makes each family gathering a reunion.


Garcia-Familly-c.1956-1958-300x218This family secret is going to a fourth generation.  The Garcia’s share it with you as a legacy of tradition in his words:

“Con apetito, coman y desfruten el sabor de un buen aprovecho!

(with a good appetite, eat and enjoy savoring the flavor of the moment!)”

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